Books, Brownies & Brainpower

brunch, Food

IMG_4461I had heard SO many good things about this little coffee shop on Bank Street that’s half a used book store, and half a cafe. It’s called Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar, and it is one of those special hidden gem spots in the city! To add to the hipster-ness of this place, there isn’t even a sign on the outside of it! Instead of the title “Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar”, it just has their logo which features a circle with a squirrel in the middle of it. I’ve also heard that at night it turns into a bar-like environment serving alcohol with live music!

I went during the day for a quick bite before class and boy was I impressed! I got the breakfast sandwich which is layered with; kale, tomato jam, cheddar, dill, and a fried egg all served on a house-made scone!!! I’m always on the hunt for a great breakfast sandwich, and this one goes to the top of my list of favourites.

Whether you’re a book worm, live music fan, or breakfast lover (like ME) Black Squirrel should be on your next-to-visit list!