Umber Winter Gala

Events, Food

I was thrilled and honoured to EMCEE (or MC) [whichever way you spell it :/] the first annual Umber Winter Gala. The event was held at the beautiful, new OAG(Ottawa Art Gallery), on the third floor. The views from the location are spectacular and the venue itself is sooooooo incredible.

I had only ever MCed one other event before (and it was my cousin’s wedding) so I think it was safe to say I was BEYOND nervous. I had a number of jokes in the speech that I was obviously hoping went over well, but I determined it was more important to direct my prayers at NOT stumbling or screwing-up while speaking. To my surprise I got BOTH. The audience LOLed at every single one of my jokes, and even a lot harder than I could’ve expected… maybe I have a new career choice???? Hahaha no just kidding (I think).

Now for the FOOD. The food was catered by e18hteen and was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. The charcuterie boards were the highlight and there were also baby cupcakes made by Thimblecakes alongside a delicious vanilla fondant poundcake!

All in all a perfect night – thanks Umber for believing (and trusting) in me!


My first post!


WOW! Here we go… my first EVER blog post! I’ve always wanted to launch an actual blog-site for the page but wasn’t sure if there was a large enough amount of interest for it. But after getting tons of suggestions to start one… I think it’s finally ready. I’ll start things off with a bit of a back story as to why I started @consumedbycarlo… which is the most common question I get.

IMG_6114 2

I’ve always been a huge foodie. I come from an Italian family, which means LOTS of eating. I first started the page as an Ottawa based food blog, posting my own food experiences and that of others. I was obsessed with the pages @tastetoronto and @tastemontreal and wondered, why doesn’t Ottawa have anything like this?

So alas, I started “Ate In Ottawa”. I used my own food photos to give the page some roots and then began using other people’s photos. I eat out constantly so it wasn’t very difficult to get content for the page on my own. But then it dawned on me – why not just keep it focused on my OWN food experiences… ones I could vouch for and actually PERSONALLY review because it was my own experience.That leads us to what it is now today… Consumed by Carlo!


I was still adamant on hiding my identity with the page. I mean, even though it still had my name in the title, only my friends and family knew which Ottawa boy named Carlo the page was really being run by. Fast forward to the beginning of this year when I decided to make the next leap, and post a face photo. I gotta admit, for some reason I was super nervous revealing my identity… but of course I was proved wrong. People LOVED learning more about me and loved finally putting a face to the name.

Now, that’s enough of a novel for this first post – I won’t bore you right from the get-go. But I will however, give you a warm welcome to my blog and THANK YOU for checking it out! If you have any questions about absolutely anything, don’t be shy to send me an email!

– Carlo 🙂